Membership Registration Process

To Register, please read carefully and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Review our Qualifications & Requirements and our Terms & Conditions below.
  2. Click Create Account to begin registration.
  3. Check inbox for Confirmation and follow on instructions for verification of service.

*I.D and Proof of Service MUST be sent via reply to confirmation email in order to verify your service and activate your membership.

Qualification & Requirements


Veterans: The term "veteran" means a person who served in the active military service, and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable. A Reservist or member of the National Guard called to Federal active duty or disabled from a disease or injury incurred or aggravated in line of duty or while in training status also qualifies as a veteran.

First Responders: Any current or former, career or volunteer, members of the following local, state, and federal departments : Law Enforcement, Fire, Paramedic, EMT.


To receive membership you must provide a Valid Government I.D and Proof of Service. You will submit this by attaching these as a response to your account confirmation email.

*We will delete the documents from our server upon verification however, to further protect your sensitive information, please omit your SSN from any documents you upload.

Acceptable Proof of Service Documents:

Veterans: DD214 (with discharge), DD215, NGB-22, VA I.D Card, Valid Government I.D with designation, VA Disability Award Letter.

First Responders (current): Valid agency I.D, or other verifiable proof.

First Responders (former): Various forms accepted. Must prove previous employment or volunteer status with an applicable agency.