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CrossFit DNR raises over $5k for Health4Heroes at their 3rd Annual Turkey Challenge

This year was especially challenging for nonprofit fundraising. Many of our large events were canceled due to COVID restrictions and we definitely felt it. We always look forward to attending and hosting events because it gives us a chance to interact with our members and supporters; this year we have missed those opportunities greatly.

Even with all the restrictions and the logistical difficulty of planning an event, along with the uncertainty that people might not be as willing to participate, the Knapp Bros took on the challenge and got to work planning their 3rd annual fundraiser for Health4Heroes formerly Vets4Life.

This year, their intention was to raise money to support the 15 active Health4Heroes members through our transition period; a period where the 15 veterans would have otherwise gone without and had to cover the cost themselves. This fundraiser speaks volumes about the level of support Kody & Kyle Knapp have for the veteran and first responder community and we couldn’t be more honored to have them as our longest standing allies.

Looking to join a CrossFit community that truly cares for each of their members? Look no further than CrossFit DNR, Health4Heroes’ only CrossFit provider in Fort Collins.

Are you a veteran or first responder? Starting early 2021, you can become a member of Health4Heroes and get your discounted membership at CrossFit DNR.


Event Photos

Everyone had such a great time coming together for a great cause

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