Valimenta Labs

Valimenta Labs was brought to life after our founder, Dr. Emek Blair, made an incredible discovery during his research at University of California, Irvine. He discovered that it was possible to create liposomes without heat, pressure, or chemicals in a completely natural process. This process was refined and is now known as our proprietary CELLg8® Liposomal Technology.

Dr. Blair entered the vitamin industry with the CELLg8® Technology backed by clinical research. Over the course of many years, we grew to be a worldwide vitamin manufacturer. Along with offering private label services and custom formulations, we are always researching and developing advancements in our technology.

Today, Valimenta Labs is a premiere liposome manufacturing facility based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We sell our own Valimenta liposome products as well as provide private label manufacturing for other vendors looking to create liposome supplements.

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