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Supporter Highlight - CrossFit Bullies

  • CrossFit Bullies
  • Greeley, CO
  • Provider since March 2021

CrossFit Bullies, located in Greeley, is the perfect workout place for beginner CrossFitters, competitive athletes and everyone in between. From the moment anyone walks through the door, they will be welcomed as part of the Bully family. CrossFit Bullies is a community-focused gym that prioritizes proper movement mechanics and a healthy lifestyle to support a high quality of life, even as athletes age.

At CrossFit Bullies, they’ve seen first-hand how effective a preventative approach to health and wellness is to people. This “pragmatic approach” to supporting local Veterans and First Responders gave Knapp a connection to the organization that he hoped to help grow. Because of this, CrossFit Bullies has been honored to partner with Health4Heroes since the beginning.

When CrossFit Bullies heard the hype about the Guardian Games, it seemed like a great place to offer some support. Knapp has a lot of experience organizing and operating fitness competitions. Plus, given his experience as a former first responder, he said he was “excited at the opportunity to help create a special event that gives back to a group of people that can be overlooked and underappreciated at times.”

If you have the chance, go checkout CrossFit Bullies when you can. They are located on the southeast corner of Greeley at the corner of Highway 34 and US Highway 85. To find out more about CrossFit Bullies, go to: